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Classic Cardigan with a Deep V Neck, a Double Knitted Button Band and a Romantic Frill Border all over Body and one Sleeve in Sizes XS | S | M (L | XL | 2XL) 3XL | 4XL | 5XL


tructure:The cardigan is worked in stockinette stitch with raglan increases and seamlessly from top to bottom. The V neck of the front parts is shaped with additional increases. When the sleeves are separated from the body, the body is finished in stockinette stitch and with a hem in 2x2 ribbed pattern. The sleeves are then worked in stockinette stitch in rounds. After working a bunch of decreases, the sleeves are finished with cuffs in 2x2 ribbed pattern too. Now the double knitted button band is worked along the front parts and the neckline of the cardigan. Last but not least, the frill border is worked in stockinette stitch back and forth in rows and after adding the i-cord-edging, the frill border is sewn onto the cardigan.The fit of the cardigan is loose and oversized. The length is cropped to create a modern, young look. The frill border with the i-cord-edging is the highlight of the design and creates a romantic finishing to a classic cardigan shape.Notes:Edge Stitches (first and last stitch of every row) are always knitted. They are included into the total number of stitches.Stockinette Stitch: knit all stitches in right side rows, purl all stitches in wrong side rows. When knitting in rounds, knit all stitches in all rounds.Raglan Increases: The raglan increases take place in every right side row. Therefore, make 1 right before the raglan stitch and make 1 left after the raglan stitch.Make 1 right: Insert your needle under the strand of yarn between the stitch you have just knitted and the RS from back to front and place it on your left needle. Knit it through the front loop.Make 1 left: Insert your needle under the strand of yarn between the RS and the next stitch you are going to knit from front to back and place it on your left needle. Knit it through the back loop so that it is twisted.For the additional increases to shape the V neck, make 1 left after the first 3 stitches of a right side row and make 1 right before the last 3 stitches of a right side row.The cardigan is knitted with 2 strands of yarn held together: 1 strand of Friends Wool and 1 strand of Friends Kid Silk.


Level of difficulty: Advanced beginners to medium level of difficulty.



-  500 | 550| 600 (600 | 650 |700)750|750|800g “Friends Wool“ by Hobbii (100 m/50g)AND

-  125|150|150(150|175 |175)200|200|200g ”Friends Kid Silk“ by Hobbii (200 m/25 g)

-  5 mm and 4 mm circular knitting needles (optional: 5 mm DPNs for the sleeves), 4 mm DPNs. For the frill border, I recommend to use a long rope (around 140 to 160 cm)

-  3-4 buttons (ø 20-25 mm)

-  Darning needle, needle & thread

-  Stitch markers or left overs


Knitting Tension:

10x10 cm = 15 sts x 26 rs in stockinette stitch with 2 strands of yarn held together on 5 mm knitting needles (wet blocked)



Bust Circumference Finished Cardigan:
96 | 104 | 110 (120 | 130 | 139) 147 | 152 | 157 cm with a positive ease of 5-15 cm.

Length Finished Cardigan:
48 | 50 | 50 (52 | 52 | 54) 54 | 56 | 56 cm (incl. 8 cm hem)

Sleeve Length (from the armpits):

35 cm (+ 8 cm cuffs)


The pattern will be provided as a pdf file to be downloaded directly after payment. The download link is sent out automatically via e-mail and is valid for in total 30 days after payment. There is no refund/exchange possible. Support via e-mail to

Knitting Pattern Paul Cardigan

VAT Included
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